Marketing Is Just Psychology, Applied.

So, how might you 
use psychology 
to Get More Customers?

Until we all buy from robots, and maybe we're not far off, but until that day comes - marketing/sales remains an inherently human activity. 

It's a cliché and a truism, but...

People buy from people. 

And people are driven entirely by their psychological makeup, by their: cognitive processing, modulating of emotion, rationalisation, coping mechanisms, values, motivations, framing. 

How/what we think (cognition), triggers how we feel (emotion), 
triggers how we buy (behaviour).  
You can influence these NeuroTriggers
That is, you can influence the buying behaviour of your prospects. 

In fact, we help entrepreneurs and CEOs do just that. 

We call this approach applied neuromarketing. Taking the latest findings from psychological science/behavioural economics, and applying it to real world marketing and sales processes. 
Here's the latest book from NeuroTriggers CEO, Sam Page
Digital Neuromarketing:
The Psychology Of Persuasion 
In The Digital Age
This book presents the research and the methods for applying neuromarketing principles online. You'll discover how to make your web content more persuasive, how to design your web pages to best attract/engage your audience, and psychological tactics to convert browsers into buyers.

If you've read anything from Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Ariely, or Daniel Kahneman... you'll enjoy this!
Unconscious Marketing
As the subhead suggests, this book explores "25 Cognitive Biases That Compel Your Customers To Buy (Without Them Knowing)." 

Here are a few of the chapter titles: Attentional Bias: Why We Notice What We Notice... I Made It Myself: The IKEA Effect... The Framing Effect: Why Presentation Matters.. The Decoy Effect: Marketing Sleight of Hand....
Going Up
With good luck and good timing, 
this book went on to be an 

Amazon #1 Best Seller.
Inside, you'll find insights on; how to build a community around your brand, forgotten marketing strategies that work even better in today's market, and the principle of Customer Control.
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